January 4, 2012

Seatbelts Reduce Injuries for Back Seat Passengers in Car Accidents

As personal injury attorneys helping injured victims of car accidents throughout the State of Florida, we always advocate the increased use of seat belts, particularly for rear seat passengers.

Now the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirms that rear seat passengers in cars using shoulder belts reduces the likelihood of a fatality by almost 50 percent. Incredibly, for those rear seat passengers in vans and suvs that risk of wrongful death drops by more than seventy percent.

Thankfully many states are now requiring rear seat passengers to be secured with such life saving seat belts. In fact, Illinois just became the 30th such state to require seat belt use for all rear seat passengers. We can only hope that the Florida Legislature will follow suit and require everyone on our roadways to take the necessary precaution to save lives.

January 3, 2012

Car Accidents Caused by Drunk Teens Rise on New Years

In some alarming news, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company recently released a study which found that 10 percent of all teen drivers drive drunk on New Years. Considering New Year's Eve is the most deadly night for car accidents caused by drunk driving, it is alarming that school programs have not work well enough to further lessen the incidents of teens driving under the influence.

The study did find that most of the questioned teens indicated that they would allow a someone else to drive, if so asked. As personal injury attorneys helping the families of those injured or killed in car accidents in Florida, we can only hope that those "friends" speak out and ask their impaired friend not to drive drunk.

Not surprisingly, the study found that those teens whose parents further educate their kids about the dangers of drunk driving were less likely to drink and drive. As with most things, good choices come from outspoken parents.