February 14, 2012

Car Accidents Caused by Speeding Police Officers Result in Wrongful Deaths and Serious Injuries

As Florida Lawyers helping the surviving victims of deadly car accidents, we are certainly glad to hear of recent reports which illuminate a serious issue affecting all drivers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches; that police officers regularly disregard the very traffic laws they are sworn to enforce. Often, the speeding police officers are not even responding to a crime, but simply driving to and from work.

Having had the opportunity to assist victims of car accidents caused by such speeding officers, we know too well that these reckless officers usually face no repercussions from the court system, as their fellow officers routinely fail to issue any citations. Also, rarely do official reports regarding such accidents ever find that the speeding officer was at fault.

Over the past eight years, speeding officers caused the wrongful deaths of more than twenty Floridians, who were just minding their own business. Not surprisingly, few of these officers even faced any internal discipline.

While we are thankful for the dedication police officers have to their jobs and the communities they serve, we agree that the culture of protecting one's own, needs to be brought to light to hopefully save the lives of other innocent drivers and pedestrians.

February 4, 2012

Leaving Disabiled Vehicles Result in Deadly Car Accidents

As personal injury attorneys helping seriously injured victims of car accidents throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches, we want to remind our fellow Floridians of the dangers of exiting a disabled vehicle along our roadways. Just this month, three people who stopped to help a disabled motorist were hit and killed by a passing car in Plantation. Those needless wrongful deaths bring the total of disabled driver and occupant deaths to more than 11 over the past year alone.

Despite Florida Highway Patrol requests that such motorists seek the safety of standing behind guardrails, too often drivers and passenger simply stand, unprotected along busy highways-a certain recipe for disaster. The Highway Patrol reminds drivers that if you can't find the safety of a guardrail, then staying in your car is safer. The FHP stresses that drivers should consider the time of day, visibility, lighting and what type of road you are along, when deciding if it is safe to exit a disabled vehicle.

We urge all of our fellow Floridians to exercise extreme caution along our deadly roadways.

February 3, 2012

To Reduce Truck Accidents Feds Ban Commercial Drivers from Cell Phone Use

As personal injury lawyers representing seriously injured victims of truck accidents throughout the State of Florida, we are certainly glad that the Federal Motorist Carrier Safety Administration imposed a ban on cell phone use by commercial drivers. The ban began on January 1 of this year, and applies to all drivers of commercial vehicles who have commercial driver's licenses. The ban applies to all CDL licensed drivers in every state.

The intention of this new regulation is to improve safety on highways by reducing distracted driving, which will hopefully reduce the number of distracted driving caused car and truck accidents. According the the Department of Transportation, there is a three-fold increase in truck accidents when a driver is using a cell phone, whether for talking or texting. The regulation also applies to cellphones with two-way radios.

The penalties for violating this new regulation include a sixty day driver's license suspension after a second violation. As attorneys helping victims of commercial car and truck accidents, we applaud the Federal Government's actions in trying to make our roadways safer.