June 19, 2012

Advances in Car Safety Prevent Wrongful Deaths

As personal injury lawyers helping the innocent victims of deadly car accidents throughout Florida, we are pleased to note that although Floridians are driving greater distances, car accidents resulting in wrongful deaths have drastically decreased over the past decade. According to the NHTSA this welcome decrease in deadly accidents is due to car manufacturers' greater concern for safety.

Due to a better understanding of how to build vehicles that better protect occupants, the NHTSA concluded that over a million people have been spared serious personal injuries and more than 2000 lives have been saved. The NHTSA's study looked at the ability of vehicles to protect their occupants from the so-called secondary impacts; that is, the occupant striking the interior portion of the vehicle.

Some examples of more crash resistant safety advances include more and improved air bags, pre-tensioning seat belts, increased vehicle crumple zones, side impact protection, additional interior padding and accident sensing head rests. We concur with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in celebrating the decline in wrongful deaths and personal injuries.

June 11, 2012

Teens Admit They Are Distracted Drivers

According to a recent study a majority of high school age drivers regularly text while driving. The study, which is the first from the federal level, confirms what we parents are all too well aware of, that teen drivers are dangerous. The study supports the Secretary of Transportation's' comments concerning the "national epidemic" of smart-phone use while driving.

Those findings are part of the reason for the Department of Transportation's upcoming programs in various states to educate young drivers about distracted driving as a frequent cause of deadly car accidents. Wrongful deaths from car accidents caused by distracted drivers account for almost sixteen percent of all teenage car accident deaths.

The study did have some surprisingly good news, that a greater number of teenage drivers are wearing their seat-belts than ever before. And, a greater number of teenage drivers indicate that they have not driven impaired or rode with an impaired driver.

As personal injury attorneys in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches, we continue to be amazed that Florida is not one of the 39 states that prohibit texting while driving.