A Dramatic Rise in Deadly Car Accidents in 2022

Here we go again, Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer Joseph Lipsky sadly reports that nearly 10,000 people were killed in car accidents in the first quarter of the year, federal transportation officials said Wednesday, which is a number representing the deadliest start in America over the past twenty years. In states such as Florida, car accident deaths were up nearly 10% compared to the same quarter last year. The figures, which represent actual deaths, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not state the causes of the deadly crashes. The researchers do not have an explanation for the drastic rise in car accident deaths, but initially believe the continued lower congestion since the pandemic, has allowed already reckless drivers to drive at even more dangerous speeds. There is also speculation that those reckless drivers are more frequently driving under the influence and not using seat belts. The continuing rise in deadly car accidents began in the first quarter of 2020, when nearly 8,000 people died in car and truck accidents. That number rose in the first quarter of 2021, when the number rose to nearly 9,000. The first quarter of the year, January, February and March, is generally the least deadly on American roads.

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg previously said the government was working to reduce deadly car accidents by commencing a “safe system” approach that would evaluate roads and cars designs. The program will be funded from the infrastructure law, which includes a $5 billion fund that will provide grants aimed at protecting bicyclists and pedestrians. The infrastructure law requires technology that could address some causes of fatalities, such as including breath monitoring devices in cars. The government released this deadly car accident information in advance of the Labor Day holiday, in hopes of educating drivers to avoid reckless conduct, like drinking and driving, and texting while driving. The government is also introducing a multi-million-dollar campaign to advanced driver education and safety. While NHTSA has responsibility for the safety of vehicles, much of its budget is dedicated to advertising campaigns and help for law enforcement. Some safety advocates say the federal government has struggled to move beyond its long-standing focus on driver behavior.

As we remember during the beginning of the pandemic, roads had much less traffic but those on the roads drove at much faster speeds, not being burdened by rush hour congestion. With most people thinking the pandemic is in the past, Americans drove more than 750 billion miles between January and March, a rise of more than 5 percent versus 2021.NHTSA determined that the death rate on U.S. roads during the first three months of this year was 1.27 per 100 million miles driven, also a significant rise from 2020. .

As car accident lawyers, we at the Law Offices of Joseph Lipsky, sadly see the life altering consequences of reckless drivers. We remind all drivers that with the ready availability of ride shares, that there is no reason to drink and drive. And as for your cell phone, remember there is no call or text worth your life, the phone can wait. Being careful  behind the wheel is safer for everyone.


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