Buzzed Drivers Cause Florida Car Accidents Too

Fort Lauderdale Car Accident attorney Joseph Lipsky wants you to know that according to a recent study from the University of California, driving a car after drinking, with only a little buzz, increases your chances of causing a crash. The study which reviewed deadly car accidents over a 17 year time period, essentially determined that there is no amount of alcohol in a driver’s blood stream, with which it is safe to drive.

The study focused on blood alcohol levels of driver who were found to be at fault for causing deadly accidents, including running a red light and causing an intersection collision, which are most of the most prevalent types of Fort Lauderdale car accidents. Of most surprise, even drivers with a blood alcohol level of .01, had an almost 50 percent greater chance of causing a collision compared to a driver who had not consumed any alcohol.

The researchers compared Florida’s .08 alcohol level with those from other countries which have a lower .05 limit, and found that the only safe vehicle operator is the one who had no alcoholic beverages. While Florida’s so-called legal blood alcohol levels have steadily dropped from .15 to .10 and now .08, it seems clear that a lower level, such as .05, is a reasonable change to help reduce the number of alcohol related accidents along our roadways such as I-95, the Florida Turnpike and I-595.

Most drivers are unaware that they may be found guilty of DUI, with even a .02 blood alcohol level, as the .08 level presumes a vehicle operator was under the influence. So on behalf of our fellow Floridians, we urge you to not to drink any booze and drive.

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