Car Accident Deaths of Young Drivers Increase

As Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys who also happen to be parents of teenagers, we know too well the dangers associated with young drivers on the road. That is why we are disappointed to report that a recent study revealed that wrongful deaths of such young drivers rose almost 20% over the past six months.

Sadly, this is the second straight year that such teen driver deaths have risen, as last year demonstrated a three percent increase, ending an eight year reduction streak. As with other recent studies, an independent safety expert related the dramatic increase in teen car accident wrongful deaths to a turn-around in the country’s economy; people tend to drive more when they have more income. Other causes include distracted driving, which hopefully here in Florida, will lessen with the passing of a recent law prohibiting texting while driving.

Car accident deaths involving teens were not the only such rise, according to NHTSA projections, all traffic fatalities are expected to rise about 8% for the upcoming year. As Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers we only hope that our legislature continues passing common sense bills, like the texting ban, to get back to reductions in such needless deaths.

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