Car Accidents Increase Over Memorial Day, Drive Carefully

As an attorney helping injured victims of car accidents in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches, Joseph Lipsky reminds his fellow motorists to be vigilant over the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend. According to AAA, the number of motorists taking to the roadways will be at a 10 year high this coming holiday. From an analysis of past Memorial Day weekends, statistics demonstrate that there is an increase of more than ten percent in car accidents versus other holiday weekends.

Due in part to a perceived better economy there is expected to be an increase of almost 2 percent in the amount of motorist who are expected to drive more than fifty miles over the Memorial Day weekend. And with those extra vehicles on the road, there is certainly going to be an increase in car accidents and injured motorists. In fact, Memorial Day marks the start of the so-called 100 deadliest days, as inexperienced teenage drivers are out of school.

According to the National Safety Council, taking some simple common sense precautions hundreds of lives can be saved over the holiday weekend. Some of the safety steps include: giving yourself enough time to reach your destination – to avoid having to speed, not using your phone while driving – which limits driver distraction, making sure all passengers, even those in the back seat, are wearing their seat-belts, and making sure not to drink and drive – by having a designated driver, so the temptation to drive even after one drink is not there.

On behalf of the personal injury Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, we wish our fellow Floridians a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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