Car Accidents Projected to Increase Over Labor Day Weekend

As personal injury attorneys who help seriously injured victims of car accidents, we always encourage our fellow Floridians to drive carefully. As we approach the Labor Day Holiday weekend, we note a recent study by AAA which projects a significant increase in roadway traffic over the upcoming long holiday weekend. In fact, AAA predicts more than 34 million people with travel a distance greater than fifty miles away from their homes over the holiday.

This anticipated rise in vehicle traffic is forecast to be at its highest limit since the recession. The study cites improving financial conditions, particularly in the housing and job markets, as the motivating factor behind the increase in expected vacation travel. The study also attributes the increasing cost of plane tickets as another factor in Americans traveling by car rather than plane. It goes without saying that an increase in vehicle traffic brings an increase in car accidents, as more people are trying to quickly get to their destinations.

As most Americans think of Labor Day as the last hurrah before the school year begins, sadly there is a comparable increase in the number of drunk driving related crashes. In fact, each year there are approximately 350 people who needlessly lose their lives in car accidents over the Labor Day weekend. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 40% of those Labor Day wrongful death accidents will involve alcohol.

We urge our fellow Floridians to drive safely over the upcoming holiday, make sure you wear your seat-belt and in accordance with our state’s ban on texting while driving, leave your smart phone alone when you’re behind the wheel.

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