Deer Cause Many Car Accident Wrongful Deaths

Believe it our not, more Americans are killed by deer than by any other type of animal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, deer cause more than a million car accidents every year. And unfortunately, more than 200 Americans die each year in car accidents caused by deer.

State Farm Insurance reports more car accidents involving deer occur in November than any other month. Those car accidents result in more than ten thousand personal injuries and almost a billion dollars in property damage annually. While Florida is not on the list of the top ten states of deer involved car accidents, those of us in West Miami, the Florida Keys and along the Everglades in Broward and Naples, know that we have a large deer population.

Studies demonstrate that if motorists wear the seat belts and pay attention to roadside “Deer Crossing” signs that there is a significant decrease in the likelihood of being in such a crash or being injured. Those studies specifically found that proper placement of such warning signs, at known deer crossings, drop the number of car accidents by more than one third. So add one more thing to the list of hazards on our roads, along with texting driver and drunk drivers, deer.

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