Distracted Drivers Admit Their Dangerous Behavior

As Florida Personal Injury Attorneys helping innocent victims of deadly car accidents throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we are not surprised that a recent study, which was funded by Ford, found that drivers willingly confess to the dangerous distracted driving activities they do behind the wheel.

Some of the admitted dangerous driving behavior includes almost 3 quarters of the surveyed drivers eating or drinking while driving, more than half of those questioned admitted to driving while using a cellular phone and more than one third said they regularly drive when drowsy. These findings fly in the face of most drivers’ opinions of their driving behavior, in which most claim to be safe drivers.

Apparently Ford paid for the study to ascertain how the technology they install in their vehicles affected driver’s behavior. The study also found that more than a third of Ford vehicle owners did not know about all of the safety features in their vehicle, including those which are specifically designed to limit teenage drivers’ ability to speed or use their phones while driving.

We certainly hope that Ford and all other car manufacturers take the necessary steps to equip their vehicles with technology that may help prevent accidents, and to teach their purchasers how to best use such life saving equiptment.

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