Distracted Driving Car Accidents Reduced by Police and Publicity

As personal injury attorneys representing the victims of car accident cases in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, we are always glad to hear of ongoing efforts to reduce deadly accidents. Recently numerous cities have begun ticketing drivers who are texting while behind the wheel.

According to the Department of Transportation, the increased police activity, borne by forward thinking legislatures, in combination with increased publicity regarding the dangers of distracted driving, has caused a dramatic reduction in such deadly car accidents. Currently, this two prong attack at reducing injuries is taking place in Syracuse, NY and Hartford, Connecticut.

The results of these efforts is astounding. During the past year alone, in which police have written almost 10,000 tickets for texting or talking while driving, there was a average reduction of more than 65% in the number of accidents. Incredibly, more than half a million drivers and passenger suffer personal injuries due to distracted drivers. We certainly encourage the Florida Legislature to pursue such laws to protect our fellow Floridians.

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