Distracted Driving Causes 25% of Car Accidents

Despite continually warning his fellow Floridians of the dangers caused by using a cell phone while driving, Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky is not surprise by the results of a recent study from the National Safety Council which found that over twenty-five percent of all car accidents were caused were distracted driving accidents, caused by someone who was using a cellular phone.

The NSC report follows data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that almost ten people die daily and hundreds of others are seriously injured due to someone being a distracted driver. Due to the life-altering effects of such distracted driving car accidents, many businesses are actually banning their employees from using a cell phone while driving. Although those companies are banning cell phone use to lessen their potential liabilities, rather than for safety purposes, the resulting saved lives are a great result.

Additionally, technology companies are increasing installing accident avoidance devices in new cars. This technology also is being addressed by the advancements made in driverless cars, although that will certainly create another set of issues. Yet despite these safety matters, new distracting devices, including so-called wearable technology which is designed to increase access to texting and making call, will only serve to present drivers with another type of distraction.

Florida car accident attorney Joseph Lipsky reminds all drivers that using a smart phone while driving is anything but smart. We also urge parents to educate new drivers about the responsibility they undertake when they get behind the wheel, and that it is not only ok, but right, do be out of touch with their friends while they are driving. We suggest parents enter into parent-teen driving contract.

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