Drivers Don’t Use Car Accident Avoidance Devices

Although Miami car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky applauds the increase in accident prevention technology being included by vehicle manufacturers in their new cars, the technology divide of older drivers is causing many to disregard and ignore possible life saving safety equipment. According to the National Safety Council, this failure to use car accident avoidance technology is an unexpected consequence of rapid technological advancements.


Vehicle manufactures thankfully are readily installing unintended lane change technology, blind spot avoidance and automatic rear-end collision braking; but, they are failing to educate consumers about how to use such technology to avoid deadly car accidents. In light of these shortcomings, and because each manufacturer uses different technology, the Department of Transportation started a website,, as a resource for consumers to visit for detailed and simplistic information about every vehicles safety features. The website includes multiple video demonstrations to help reduce the learning curve.


The safety feature most motorists have difficulty with is adaptive cruise control, even though it has existed for over 10 years in more expensive luxury vehicles. Given the high costs of those vehicles, dealers were apt to spend an extended amount of time helping their customers fully understand their vehicles. However, as the safety equipment begins to find its way into less expensive cars, experts question whether those dealers will be able to devote the time amount of time to teach their customers. And, as anyone who has tried to read a new car manual can attest, what was once a small booklet has grown into a full sized encyclopedia.


Considering these devices save lives, Miami car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky hopes all new car buyers take the time to learn about how their cars can save their lives.

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