Drowsy Driving Car Accidents Can Be Prevented – Get More Sleep

Miami car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows most drivers are aware of the likelihood of car accidents caused by drunk drivers or distracted drivers. However, those same motorists are generally unaware of the dangers caused by drivers who get behind the wheel when they are drowsy or sleepy. Sadly, studies prove that motorists who drive with less than 5 hours of sleep are two times as likely to have a car accident when compared to drivers who get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Basically, the less sleep a driver has, the greater likelihood of having a car accident.

Research shows that the less sleep a driver gets, the greater likelihood they will be in a car accident. In fact, drivers who have slept less than 4 hours a night have four times the number of car accidents, a ratio approaching the dangers of drunk driving.  As the AAA states, anyone who has slept less than 7 hours over a 24 hour period should not drive a vehicle.

Earlier research demonstrates that nearly 20 percent of wrongful death car accidents in the United States involve a drowsy or sleepy driver. Last year, a total of over thirty-five thousand people died in car accidents across the United States according to research collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This was more than a seven percent increase in car accidents resulting in wrongful deaths over the prior year. The information used by the NHTSA came directly from car accident police reports which were limited to crashes in which at least one vehicle was towed from the crash location or where an ambulance responded to provide medical care to an injured driver or passenger. The drivers involved in those car accidents informed investigators about the amount of sleep they had in the prior twenty-four hours.

Given the well-known fact that 1/3 of all American get too few hours of sleep daily, below the 7 to 9 hours of recommended sleep time, drivers need to be aware of how tired they are, and understand the importance of taking a rest every hour while driving. In fact, the AAA advocates that individuals who have slept less than 7 hours over a 24 hour period should not drive, as they present a significant danger to themselves and their fellow motorists.

The crashes involving drowsy drivers generally result in wrongful deaths and serious bodily injuries, as the sleepy motorist is usually traveling at a high speed and does not take evasive or braking action before the crash; thereby causing significant property damage and serious personal injuries. It is for these reasons that Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney Joseph Lipsky reminds his fellow motorist to get adequate rest before heading out on any long car trip.

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