Florida Drivers Beware, Car Accidents Caused by Uninsured Motorists Expected to Rise

As Florida Lawyers who represent injured victims of car accidents, we are concerned about a recent report from an insurance research group indicating that the country’s current financial recession will result in a sharp increase in uninsured motorists, particularly in Florida, by 2010.

According to the Insurance Research Council, there is a correlation between the percentage of drivers who choose to forgo car insurance and each state’s unemployment rate. The report indicates, based upon unemployment rate estimates, that the percentage of uninsured motorist will increase by 15% over the next year. This is not good news for Floridians, as we already have the distinction of being one of the top five states with uninsured motorists, at an estimated 23%.

Having witnessed too often, the pain an injured victim endures when they learn the person who caused their damages had no insurance, we cannot stress strongly enough that everyone should make sure they have uninsured motorist coverage. While most insurance agents will tell their insureds that this coverage is not needed, particularly if you already have health insurance and/or disability insurance, it is truly the most valuable coverage you can buy, because it protects you and your family.

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