Florida Legislature Helps Insurance Companies, Hurts Homeowners. Again.

The Florida Legislature, acting upon the wishes of the insurance industry, one of their biggest contributors, passed a bill which will allow those insurance companies to remove sinkhole coverage from their policies. The bill then permits the insurance companies to re-sell the coverage back to home and business owners at a much higher premiums.

This bill, along with many others working their way through the Florida Legislature, place insurance companies’ rights and profits ahead of the interests of homeowners. Even some Republican Senators agree that this bill will allow insurance companies to make a financial killing at the expense of homeowners.

Too often, homeowners fail to notify their state representatives and senators of their displeasure with pending legislation; that is, until after a bill, such as this one, becomes law. We urge all homeowners, especially those who are also registered voters, to immediately contact their representative and senator and let them know that their jobs as legislators are in jeopardy, should they continue to pass laws which place insurance company profits above the rights of the individuals who voted them into office.

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