Ft. Lauderdale Car Accident Results in Wrongful Death of Teenager

In what we truly consider the epitome of a wrongful death and clearly a tragedy, a 19 year old from Oakland Park, a city adjacent to Ft. Lauderdale, who was wearing her seat-belt, died in a car accident Sunday evening.

The accident which occurred on the ramp heading from southbound I-95 to 595, was caused when a “phantom vehicle” swerved into the 19 year old’s lane, causing her to take evasive action and strike a large sign post. The vehicle rolled over and the driver died at the scene.

A “phantom vehicle” is what we refer to as a vehicle which causes or contributes to a car accident but leaves the scene of the accident without being identified. The vehicle is a “phantom,” rather than a hit and run, because there was no contact between the two vehicles.

We can only pray for the driver’s family, as their daughter did everything she could to protect herself. And, we hope that others will not be dissuaded from using their seat-belts, because of this senseless tragedy.

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