How a Product Liability Lawsuit is Started

Defective product lawsuits all begin with a common factor: something did not perform as it was anticipated. Whether as a result of a flaw in design or problem in the manufacturing process, the product you paid good money to buy caused you to become injured, and you want justice. That’s when you need to take your first step towards finding out what went wrong and acquiring the compensation you deserve: speaking to our defective product attorneys. We take it from there.

The most important part of a product liability case is the product itself. This is why it is critical to keep the product, no matter how badly it’s broken. Unless the product may be examined by both an expert hired by your attorney, and eventually by one hired by the product manufacturer’s attorney, to verify its failure and to identify the defect, there can be no case. Often times a victim of a defective product, such as a ladder, will throw the product away, to protect someone else from becoming injured; this is a mistake. In the vast majority of circumstances, you are not permitted to proceed with a case if you do not have the product in question.

If the product is “preserved” then an investigation into the responsible parties may begin. In Florida, everyone person or business who places a product in the “stream of commerce” is responsible for the damages caused if that product malfunctions. The stream of commerce includes wholesalers, distributors and retailers, even if they did not have any role in the design or manufacturer of the product. Accident victims may also assist by providing all of the manuals, receipts and warranty cards.

Thereafter, research into the products past performance issues, though the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and analysis of any past or ongoing recalls, is done to evaluate prior problems and product related personal injuries.

As defective product attorneys with more than two decades of experience helping our fellow Floridians when they’re victimized by shoddy products, we know the law, and how to maximize your chances of achieving a just and fair outcome.

The first thing we’ll do after your free, no-obligation initial consultation will be to investigate the circumstances of your personal injury. We’ll use our extensive resources and experience to re-create the incident and find the evidence needed to hold the responsible parties accountable. This investigation is crucial. Fortunately, we know how to conduct a thorough and credible investigation into product failures that will resonate in a courtroom.

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