Increase in Bicycle Accidents and Injuries in Fort Lauderdale

As a Miami bicycle accident attorney, Joseph Lipsky is sad to report that the number of bicyclists in Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale injured while riding on our roadways has risen in the past two years. In fact, the number of bide riders who suffered personal injuries in accidents over the last 2 years has increased more than 40 percent in Broward County and by more than 20 percent in the Palm Beaches, according to data released by the FDHSMV.

Those percentages equal more than 750 bike riders in Broward County and more than 400 injured bike riders in the Palm Beaches. Part of the reason for the increase can be attributed to more bike riders on the road, for both exercise and as a primary means of transportation.

According to statistics, the amount people riding bikes to more has risen by more than 10 percent each of the last couple of years, with an almost 60 increase in Florida over the last 7 seven years. In fact, metropolitan Fort Lauderdale ranks within the top twenty nationally of cities with the greatest amount of bicycle riders commuting to work.

Not surprisingly, distracted driving, including cell phone use is one of the biggest threats to bike riders safety. However, bike riders must be mindful to follow traffic regulations including obeying stop signs and red lights. Additionally, bike riders must also take precautions such as avoiding placing themselves in danger when riding on sidewalks.

While an increase in dedicated bike lanes, and municipalities lowering speed limits in areas known to be frequented by bike riders may help in making cycling safer, Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, Joseph Lipsky reminds cyclists of the safety benefits provided by wearing helmets, using lights while riding at night and having properly placed reflectors.

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