Insurance Companies Confirm the Risks of Slip and Fall Accidents

A major property and business insurance company recently concluded a study which demonstrates that businesses need to do more to prevent slip and fall and trip and fall accidents on their properties. As personal injury lawyers representing injured victims of such fall down accidents in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, we are glad to see that even the insurance industry is trying to make businesses take precautions stop such accidents.

The report found that most often such falls are caused because businesses do not install necessary slip resistant walkways, do not have proper maintenance policies and do not install handrails. Consequently, the insurance company recommends that their clients install ANSI approved slip resistant flooring, purchases the appropriate cleaning supplies which are recommended by the flooring’s manufacturer, and take the time to train their cleaning staff on how to properly maintain the compliant flooring.

While many of these findings and recommendations seems like common sense, over the past 20 years we’ve represented hundreds of victims of fall down accidents which may very well have been prevented if the business operator took the necessary and affordable steps to protect their paying customers. We can only hope that more businesses take the precautions and time to make their properties safe and prevent these unnecessary falls.

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