Lack of Security Results in Third Attack at Pompano Casino

In what appears to be another example of a business’ negligent failure to provide adequate security to their customers, two elderly patrons of the Isle of Capri Casino in Pompano Beach were were attacked while exiting the Casino. These attacks were the third such incidents to happen in the past month, the other two resulted in extensive personal injuries.

It seems the attacks began once the casino stopped using off-duty Broward County Sheriff’s deputies to provide security. Not surprisingly, none of the attacks were captured by any of the casino’s security cameras. As we too often see, the casino purposefully chose to only meet the requirements of their state licensing agreement, which only spell out a minimum level of security.

Too often in our practice we see businesses doing the bare minimum to protect their customers, rather than doing something which may cost slightly more, but would certainly add an extra measure of necessary protection to their patron. Certainly casinos who not only invite their customers to their properties, but encourage them to bring money to gamble, should do more to protect those customers.

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