Many Designated Drivers Still Drink and Drive

As a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney, I am always saddened to hear about people who undertake a responsibility to act safely and then fail to live up to that obligation, causing harm to others. This is precisely the situation involving a great many so-called designated drivers in Florida. According to a recent report undertaken by the University of Florida, about one third of proclaimed designated drivers drink, drive and cause a drunk driving car accident resulting in serious personal injuries.

In fact, many of those designated drivers after being stopped by police or after being involved in a Miami car accident, are found to have an alcohol level in excess of .05, which is close to Florida’s legal limit. The study involved questioning and using a breathalyzer of in excess of a thousand drivers who after they left restaurants and nightclubs in the evening. Although the study took place in a college town, the majority of the participants were over the age of 28.

It goes without saying that as a driver’s blood alcohol level rises, the likelihood of causing a deadly car accident rises. In fact, just a single alcoholic beverage can result in a driver’s diminished ability to react and avoid a crash. The study suggests that groups of people should decide before going out, who is going to act as the designated driver, and then act accordingly.

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