Multiple Car Accidents Lead to Wrongful Deaths in South Florida

As personal injury lawyers in South Florida, we sadly report yet another extremely deadly day on our roads. Yesterday, two car accidents, one in Miami and the other in Pembroke Pines, resulted in the wrongful deaths of three drivers.

The most destructive accident happened on I-75, when a pick-up truck drove south in the northbound lanes, and struck another car head-on. The force of the collision was so significant that the pick-up truck burst into flames. Sadly for the family of Marcos Goya, the innocent right-way driver, minutes earlier, another driver called 911 and informed them of the wrong way truck.

Later in Miami, a driver lost control on his truck on Coral Way and hit a tree in the median, and died.

We can only continue to stress to everyone the importance of wearing seat belts and to be cautious of your surroundings. Our thoughts go out to the victim’s families.

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