New Florida Law Hopes to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

All we can say is, “it is about time,” as Florida will finally require anyone who wants to get a motorcycle license to undergo a basic riding course. Given the number of motorcycle accidents, particularly in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, too many of which result in serious spinal cord injuries, we certainly believe that this new law will have a beneficial effect.

Unlike the present law, which only requires a knowledge and skills test, the new law, going into effect on July 1, requires everyone who wants to get a new motorcycle license endorsement to take a basic rider course before they can even apply for such a license. Once they past the test, the state will then notify those who applied when they are permitted to go to their local driver’s license office to get their license.

In our practice we too often see the debilitating injuries and loss of life caused by untrained and inexperienced motorcycle operators. We certainly hope this will be the first of many steps the Florida Legislature takes to protect all Floridians.

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