Newer Cars Prevent Teenage Driver Wrongful Deaths

As a parent Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows that buying a child their first car, is not only an exciting, but also an expensive time. When parents consider how much money to spend on that first car, a recent study in the journal Injury Prevention revealed an eye opening statistic; more than 50% of the car accidents resulting in wrongful deaths involved cars that were more than ten years old and were also considered “small” vehicles.

With the rapid advances in vehicle technology, particularly when it comes to safety, the study noted that older small vehicles are not as safe as newer larger cars. Some of the safety advances which are prevalent in newer cars include side air-bags and stability control. Other safety advances include day-time running lights, lane departure warnings and blind spot detection systems. However, these advanced safety devices usually carry a large associated cost, which discourages parents from buying those cars.

Sadly, it will take well over a decade before those life-saving safety devices are available in the majority of used vehicles, thereby making it more affordable to buy for first time car owners. While it may hurt your wallet in the short term, Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney Joseph Lipsky hopes parents think of the long term returns a little more money spent on a newer car, even a less appealing one, will have on their children’s safety.

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