Number of Distracted Drivers Increases

The cause of the ever increasing number of deadly car accidents throughout Florida, particularly in larger cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale is well document in a recent study by the Centers For Disease Control about distracted driving. The study found that almost seventy percent of drivers admitted to using a cell phone to talk or text while behind the wheel during the past month. This rise in the dangerous use of so-called smartphones while driving presents a danger to everyone on the roadway; and despite increased efforts to educate drivers, this conduct continues to result in deadly car accidents every day.

The study confirms the government’s suspicions, that texting behind the wheel is increasing, as prior studies demonstrated that one quarter of drivers admitted to texting while driving, and now, that number has risen over thirty percent. As personal injury attorneys representing seriously injured victims of car accidents, saying we are alarmed at this twenty-two percent increase in two short years is an understatement.

This driving while using a smart-phone use is the reason why wrongful deaths caused by distracted driving are increasing, while the overall amount of traffic deaths is dropping. In fact, according to the report, in 2011 such wrongful deaths caused by distracted driving increased almost two percent, while other types of traffic deaths dropped by the same amount.

We agree with the study’s characterization of the conduct which results in these crashes and deaths as not being accidental, as the driver who decides to use his phone while driving, does so consciously, not by accident. We also agree with the Centers for Disease control in urging drivers to put down their phones until they are able to stop off the roadway. Remember, using a smart-phone while driving is anything but…smart.

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