Goverment Plan to Reduce Deadly Truck Accidents

On behalf of our clients who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to trucking accidents, we commend the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for their 5 year plan to lessen the number of truck accident deaths by implementing additional driver qualifications and by increasing their regulations over other industries involved in truck based shipping. The “Safety 1st Culture” program will affect all areas that, in the words of the FMCSA may have a “detrimental effect on safety through their actions.”

The FMCSA’s plan includes stopping carriers with bad safety records from reincorporating under another name, insuring that drivers are properly qualified to drive commercial vehicles, assisting law enforcement and lessening high-risk behavior by both owners and operators.

Unfortunately in order for the FMCSA to be able to regulate shippers, they will need Congress to provide them with that authority. Regardless of the difficulties that they face, as Florida based personal injury attorneys we applaud all agency driven efforts to make our roads safer.

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