Palm Beach Car Accident Results in Injuries to Road Worker

As Florida Lawyers specializing in car accidents in Palm Beach County, we are continually amazed at the carelessness of drivers as they disregard roadside warnings, and hit and injure roadway workers. Today, a roadside construction worker was struck by a truck and suffered serious personal injuries, while he worked along a road in Palm Springs.

According to The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Ernest Howell, who took the precaution of wearing a traffic vest, was struck while working in a marked construction zone, when a driver disregarded traffic cones. Mr. Howell was working on a crew which was resurfacing the roadway. Mr. Howell’s injuries required him to be transported by helicopter to a Delray Beach hospital.

In the spirit of the “move over” law which was enacted to protect emergency workers from injuries along the side of roadways, we encourage all drivers to pay particular attention to, roadside construction workers. For further information, please follow link to

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