Palm Beach Jury Verdict Finds Driver on Cellphone Liable

A Palm Beach County Jury found a driver, who was talking on her cellphone at the time she rear-ended another vehicle, responsible for causing a multi-vehicle collision which resulted in the death of a Lesley Beers, a wife and mother.

The verdict, of just over 21 million dollars, clearly demonstrates the jury’s disapproval of the driver’s cellphone use, and how its accompanying distraction caused the collision. This is yet another example of the public’s continuing outcry that too many car accidents are the result of inattentive drivers using cellphones.

While cellphones certainly are a convenience, we agree with the sentiment of the jury’s verdict, that is, that too may drivers concentrate on dialing and texting rather than watching the roadway. We have a number of seriously injured clients whose car accidents could have easily been avoided if the other driver was not using their cellphone.

This verdict is one of a growing number of verdicts which not only compensates seriously injured victims, but also seems to punish a driver on a cellphone. We can only hope that drivers, and those companies whose employees drive extensively, pay particular attention to not only this verdict, but the roadway.

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