Prevent Car Accidents by Following Florida’s Laws

As an attorney representing seriously injured victims of car accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Joseph Lipsky is always happy to help his fellow Floridians with tips which hopefully prevent such accidents and their resulting personal injuries. There are many driving laws which most of us know and follow, but too many drivers either don’t know or choose not to follow some important laws.

We continually remind drivers to “move over” when they see a police officer on the side of a road, but most people don’t realize that the same laws which apply to protecting those in law enforcement also applies to all assisting vehicles along Florida’s roadways, including tow truck and road rangers. This ignorance of the law is part of the reason the Florida Highway Patrol wrote more than 8,000 tickets last year for violators of the “move over” law.

Some of the other less know Florida traffic rules include:

– You can’t use your car’s hazard lights when your car is driving, even in bad weather;
– You must have your headlights on if you are using your wipers;
– You must yield to city buses trying to merge back into traffic, after picking up passengers;
– You can make a U-turn anywhere, if there is no sign preventing it, so long as you do it safely;
– If traffic lights are out, you must act like an intersection is a four way stop, for all traffic, remember that the car to your right always has the right of way;
– No having a television or entertainment display that is visible for a driver;
– You cannot back up on an interstate if you accidentally pass your exit;

Because driving on the roadways in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are dangerous enough, we believe that knowing and following some of these less know traffic laws can help prevent car accidents.

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