Preventing 4th of July Fireworks Accidents and Injuries

As we rapidly approach the end of the school year, and the impending 4th of July Holiday, Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Lipsky reminds his fellow Floridians, particularly parents, of the dramatic rise in the number of children who have suffered personal injuries, including burns and amputations, due to fireworks being misused.  Last year alone there were over 11,000 people who suffered fireworks related injuries, and sadly, 10 wrongful deaths.

A recent study by the Pediatric Academic Society found that the number of children who have received care at hospital emergency rooms due to fireworks related injuries increased by almost fifty percent of the past three years. Almost half of fireworks related emergency room visits were by children under the age of 15, with nearly a third of those youngsters being bystanders, who thought they were safe.

The researchers believe that the lack of regulations over the sale of fireworks, particularly those which most people believe are illegal in Florida, is a direct cause of the increase in firework related personal injuries. Until such time as cities, counties and the State enact appropriate regulations to protect unknowing consumers, personal injury attorney Joseph Lipsky reminds parents to take the following precautions:

  • Only buy legal fireworks, and then keep them in a cool dry place
  • Keep spectators at a safe distance from the fireworks being lit
  • Do not allow children to play with fireworks, even “harmless” ones as they too can misfire (sparklers are dangerous too-they burn at over 2,000 degrees)
  • Keep a hose or bucket of water near and soak all fireworks before throwing them away
  • Do not hold fireworks in your hand for any reason
  • Light one firework at a time, and move away from it quickly
  • Do not try to relight a firework which malfunctions

With some common sense, everyone can enjoy the summer’s holidays in a safe and injury free atmosphere.

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