Restrictions on Young Drivers Show Reduction in Deadly Car Accidents

As personal injury attorneys who investigate deadly car accidents through Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County, we are always eager to report government studies which show more people are surviving car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control recently released one such report. The CDC’s report indicates that the number of wrongful deaths from car accidents involving teenage drivers dropped by more than a third over the past four years.

The data suggests that restrictions imposed on teenage drivers by states, including Florida, are the cause of the welcomed drop in such deadly car accidents. The study evaluated fatal car accidents involving sixteen and seventeen year old drivers. The numbers demonstrated a decrease of 800 such deadly crashes of the time period evaluated. The CDC looked at 9,600 fatal accidents when teens were behind the wheel. The data also suggests that the majority of the deadly car accidents involved boys who were speeding.

Despite these reductions, car accidents remain the leading cause of wrongful deaths of teens; meaning, the legislature can only do so much to prevent needless tragedies.

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