Reversing a Trend, Car Accident Deaths Rose in 2012

Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney Joseph Lipsky takes no pleasure in relaying news from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the number of car accidents resulting in wrongful deaths rose for the first time in over eight years, to a number which incredibly exceeded 35,000. The reason for the increase is due to a dramatic rise in the number of deadly accidents involving bicycle riders, pedestrians accidents and those riding motorcycles.

The numbers tell the deadly story. There were 1,800 more traffic deaths last year than in the prior year, with riders and pedestrians accounting for over 650 of those increased deaths. In fact the more than 9,000 riders and pedestrians who died in car accidents was almost equal to the number of car accident fatalities caused by drunk drivers.

According to the NHTSA, the vast majority of car accidents and resulting wrongful deaths are due to human error, drunk drivers, and vehicle occupants failing to wear seat belts. In fact, researches determined that more than three thousand motorist die annually because they failed to use a seatbelt.

The research also revealed that about a third of all car accidents happened when one vehicle struck another from the rear. Vehicle manufacturers are beginning to include automatic baking systems in car which may help reduce the more than 2,400,000 people who annually suffer car accident related injuries.

Considering the research found an increase of almost 5 percent in deadly drunk driving accidents, we strongly urge all motorists to bring along a designated driver, or take a cab when you drink; think of the lives which may be saved…including your own.

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