Staring at Crashed Fort Lauderdale Police Car Causes Four Car Accidents

Consider this one as a wake up call for all Florida drivers to avoid being distracted by car accidents they drive past. Today, four separate car accidents occurred along I-95 in Boynton Beach, due to drivers taking their eyes of the road.

The car accidents happened when, as described by the Florida Highway Patrol “people started slowing down to see [a] wrecked [Fort Lauderdale Police Department] patrol car on the road and they were hitting each other.” All of the other accidents happened within twenty minutes.

Thankfully according to the Florida Highway Patrol, there were no serious injuries, although one person was taken JFK Medical Center.

While human nature compels us to look at such collisions on the side of the road, we certainly hope everyone will remember that driving a car requires your full-time attention to your surroundings, in particular, the cars traveling in front and behind you.

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