Study Shows Decline in Car Accidents and Personal Injuries in Florida

In some surprisingly good news for motorists, the United States Department of Transportation reported that personal injuries and wrongful deaths from car accidents dropped to their lowest level in almost six decades. The study demonstrated that Florida, including Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, enjoyed a reduction of more than fourteen percent in such deadly collisions.

According to the statistics, wrongful deaths from car and truck accidents dropped almost ten percent last year. Thankfully, the number of wrongful deaths from motorcycle accidents dropped as well. The statistics also showed a drop of more than seven percent in drunk driving involved deaths. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol played a role in more than 10,000 car accident deaths last year.

While the reasons for these reductions are being associated with improved vehicle crash-worthiness and the poor economy, whatever the cause, we, as attorneys representing innocent victims of such deadly car accidents, welcome the results.

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