Talking on Cell Phones Do Not Cause Car Accidents

A a Miami car accident attorney who helps seriously injured victims of car accidents throughout Florida, I am always interested in studies which investigate the causes of accidents. Yet I was surprised by the results of a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University which revealed that there is no relationship between a driver speaking on a cell phone and the number of car accidents in the United States.

The study was based upon an analysis of more than 8 milliion car accidents. The study only looked at speaking on a cell phone, not the effects of texting or other smart phone actiivities, which are a primary cause of distracted driving.

The results of the study even surprised the researchers, who had to double check their results. The researchers looked at cellphone usage after 9 p.m., which is when there is a significant increase of cellphone use. Yet despite the increase in such cellphone usage, there was no corresponding increase in car accidents.

In fact, the study also examined states which banned cellphone use while driving, and found no reductions in the number of car accidents. The researchers felt that drivers may be deciding when its safer to make a call, rather than using their cellphone indiscriminately. While the results of the study are certainly interesting, as Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys, we believe drivers should keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel at all times.

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