Thanksgiving Holiday is a Dangerous Time on Florida’s Roads

Fort Lauderdale personal injury Joseph Lipsky wants to remind his fellow Floridians that while the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday is a time to remember and give thanks, it is also one of the most dangerous weekends for deadly car accidents.

In fact, over the past six years, car accidents during the Thanksgiving Holiday are responsible for more than five hundred wrongful deaths each year. And according to the National Safety Council, more than forty thousand others will be injured in car accidents this coming weekend. Given the recent drop in gas prices, the NSC expects an additional rise in such car accidents this year. Sadly, during times of increased vehicle travel, especially over the long Thanksgiving Weekend, the number of car accidents and resulting injuries rises greatly.

Not surprisingly, a significant reason for the increase is due to increased alcohol drinking. Because almost all Floridians will travel by car to reach their holiday destinations over Thanksgiving, those additional vehicles on the road result in an approximate increase in vehicle traffic of more than 25%. Alcohol use during the holiday season is always greater than during non-holiday weekends. Those most likely to drink and drive over the holiday weekend are, you guessed it, drivers between the ages of 21 – 24.

As we want everyone to enjoy a safe and healthy start to this year’s holiday season, we at the personal injury law offices of Joseph Lipsky, hope everyone takes a little more time to get to their destinations, leaves the driving to a designated driver and do not text and drive.

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