Too Many Wrongful Deaths in Miami Boating Accidents

Having represented many families who’ve lost loved ones in deadly boating accidents throughout our South Florida waterways, Miami personal injury attorney Joseph Lipsky is too familiar with the dangers most people forget are associated with the usually enjoyable recreation of boating. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission sadly more than 62 people were the victims of maritime accidents last year in Florida.

Considering we are entering the Summer season, in which many Miami residents take to the bay for a day of skiing or diving, the authorities hope, and we suggest, that boaters take the appropriate actions to avoid being in a boating accident. While failing to pay attention, or having a proper lookout is the usual reason for a boat accident, driving under the influence and drowning are two of the most preventable activities. Particularly with children, the use of a life vest is not only mandatory, but good common sense.

Some of the other boating behavior to be avoided according to the Coast Guard include:

– Failing to slow down in areas where boating activity is heavy;
– Driving at high speed in poor conditions;
– Pulling a water skier in a congested area – Driving in an area where people are swimming;
– Failing to check the weather forecast before heading out for the day;

Florida Keys boating accident attorney Joseph Lipsky reminds his fellow conchs to be careful on the water, as a moment of carelessness can result in a lifetime of suffering.

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