Two Miami Motorcycle Accidents Result in Death

Sunday evening was a deadly night for motorcycles in Miami, as two separate motorcyle accidents ended in the wrongful deaths of a passenger and a driver.

The first accident occurred on I-95 when a drunk driver struck a motorcycle from behind, killing the passenger. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the passenger was not wearing a helmet. The second accident happened a few hours later on another Miami-Dade County expressway, when a speeding driver could not manage a turn onto a highway ramp, crashed and died.

In our practice, we have represented too many families who needlessly lost loved-ones in motorcycle accidents. Considering the number of drunk and careless drivers on Florida roadways, we cannot understand why motorcycle drivers and passengers ride without wearing helmets. As indicated in The Journal of Trauma, the medical costs associated with unhelmeted motorcycle riders involved in accidents is almost 50% higher than than for those riders who were wearing helmets when their accident happened.

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