Uninsured Drivers Causing Many Car Accidents

As personal injury lawyers representing victims of car accidents throughout the State of Florida, we strongly urge our clients and friends to buy uninsured motorist coverage. Our comments are buoyed by a recent study release by the Insurance Research Council which confirms that one out of every seven drivers have no car insurance.

The study, not surprisingly, found that the financial hardship of the current economy is the primary reason why many drivers have not renewed their car insurance. The study confirmed a correlation between unemployment and the number of drivers with no insurance.

Drivers who comply with their state’s law, by having insurance, cover the losses caused by uninsured driver, to the annual tune of almost 11 billion dollars. However, as attorneys representing accident victims for more than 20 years, we have seen too many clients who are unable to recover for their medical bills, lost wages and permanent injuries because they did not have uninsured motorist coverage.

Contrary to the statements of many insurance agents, who tell their customers that they do not need uninsured motorist coverage if they have health and disability insurance, our experience shows that having uninsured motorist coverage is the only way to guarantee a source of recovery should you be the victim of an accident.

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