Florida Carbon Monoxide Detectors Now Required to Prevent Injuries

In an effort to protect Florida residents and visitors from further personal injury and wrongful death from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, Florida Governor Crist recently signed the Carbon Monoxide Prevention Bill into law. As of July 1, 2008, carbon monoxide detectors will be required in all new buildings.

The bill requires all buildings in Florida, whether commercial or residential, if they have fossil fuel burning heaters, appliances, attached garages or fireplaces, to have carbon monoxide detectors. On the heels of last years’ death at a Key West Hotel, due to carbon monoxide poisoning, we are certainly glad to see the legislature is taking a proactive step to prevent further tragedy, and to protect Florida residents and visitors.

Considering the number of Floridians who have recently purchased home and portable generators, in preparation for our infamous hurricanes, we all need to be particularly vigilant in using those machines as instructed, and never indoors.

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