Another Florida Jet Ski Accident Ends in Death

In an alarming trend, another Florida jet ski rider died, and another passenger was critically injured, when their Jet Ski collided with a dock in Pompano Beach. This was at least the third such death caused by a jet ski accident in South Florida over the past few months.

Considering the number Jet Ski operators in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties who are untrained and inexperienced, we, unfortunately, expect these types of accidents resulting in wrongful deaths to continue. As such, it is not surprising that Miami-Dade and Broward Counties dubiously rank in the top ten Florida Counties for such boating accidents.

Currently there are no mandatory training requirements for Jet Ski operators in Florida. In fact, Florida Law allows anyone over the age of 14 to operate one of these personal water crafts, some of which reach speeds of greater than 30 m.p.h., without any adult supervision. Sadly, many victims learn too late that these vessels usually will not respond or turn if the throttle is not engaged.

In our practice we have representing a number of unfortunate families who endured the catastrophic injury and death of a loved one at the hands of such untrained operators. Given the frequency and severity of these type of accidents, we remind everyone to be particularly aware of Jet Skis, and to use the utmost care while operating them.

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