Careless Motorcyle Stunt on Florida Roadway Causes Death

A motorcycle accident in Coral Springs left one person dead and another in critical condition. The driver who was performing a wheelie when he lost control and hit a tree
We can’t understand why so many people continue to endanger themselves and others by driving motorcycles in an irresponsible and dangerous manner. In this case, as you can imagine, neither the driver nor passenger were wearing a helmet.

Florida law allows a motorcycle rider not to wear a helmet if they have $10,000.00 in medical coverage insurance. With numerous motorcycle accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries, such as in this situation, the minimal insurance required barley covers the bills of even a emergency room visit.

While many Floridians enjoy riding responsibly, it is the activities of riders such as these which cause such tragic losses and compel non-riders to think all motorcycle riders are careless, which is certainly not the case.

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