Miami Disabled Children Group Home Shut Down Due To Neglect

In yet another example of the lack of supervision and inspection by the State of Florida, a group home for disabled children was finally closed down after a 12 year old autistic boy stopped breathing on a filed trip, and is now on a ventilator. Employees of the Rainbow Ranch Group Home attempted to forcibly restrain the child while in the group home’s van.

Despite numerous past allegations of malpractice, including over medication, sexual abuse and malnourishment, The State of Florida did not close this facility until after this this tragic incident.

In our practice, we have unfortunately assisted numerous families with disabled children who are victims, either intentionally or negligently, of abuse and neglect at the hands of under-trained and not supervised group home workers.

Unfortunately, this is just another incident, in a long line of catastrophic injuries and deaths, which have occurred in disabled homes in Florida. We can only hope that the State of Florida will finally pay the proper attention to this growing epidemic and properly monitor these facilities.

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