Deadly Car Accidents in Florida Decline Thanks to Seat Belts

According to a report released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety, wrongful deaths from car accidents in Florida, particularly in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach have steadily decreased, to a new low. The data shows a drop of almost 15% in fatalities from car and truck accidents in Florida.

The Florida Highway Patrol believes the drop in deaths is directly linked to a new Florida Law which permits police officers to stop and ticket drivers and passengers solely for not wearing a seat-belt. Before this law went into effect in 2009, police officers were only allowed to ticket someone if they pulled them over for another violation.

Other reasons for the decline in such accident related deaths include better roads, more guard rails and better driver education. Regardless of the reason why, as personal injury lawyers practicing in Florida, we applaud anything which reduces preventable deaths.

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