Florida Has The Deadliest Road in America

In yet another dubious honor for the State of Florida, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared that I-95, particularly in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, is the most deadly road in America. NHTSA’s declaration is based upon their evaluation of the number of car accidents and truck accidents resulting in wrongful death compared to the distance of a particular stretch of highway.

According to the study, there were about 1.73 deadly accidents for every mile along I-95 during the years 2004 through 2008. The Florida Highway Patrol’s own evaluation of our deadly roadway, blames such accidents and deaths on driver’s being distracted by activities like using cell phones and navigation devices. Those of us who endure the daily commutes along I-95 in South Florida are all too well acquainted with those drivers who are clearly paying attention to something other than their driving.

The Florida DOT also believes that the sheer number of vehicles on the limited number of lanes on I-95 in Miami and Broward Counties is an obvious reason why our highway is so deadly.

As personal injury lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale we again urge everyone to be particularly vigilant to reckless drivers, especially during this summer travel season.

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