Deadly Car Accidents in Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale result in Pedestrian Death

In a wake-up call for pedestrians, separate car accidents resulted in the wrongful death of a 71 year old woman in Delray Beach, a suburb in Palm Beach County, and critical injuries to a man in Ft. Lauderdale. Both accident victims were pedestrians.

An SUV being operated by a driver with a suspended license struck the Delray Beach victim. As we see too often in our practice, the driver had multiple prior violations; in this case, her was license suspended on six prior occasions. Clearly, this is an example of how the leniency of the traffic court system allows habitual traffic offenders to freely drive and endanger other Floridians.

The most disconcerting fact about this car accident is the fact that the pedestrian was within the crosswalk. According to the investigating traffic homicide police officer, two witnesses saw the pedestrian in the crosswalk, and indicated that the SUV driver should have easily seen her. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office referred the matter to the State Attorney’s Office for further investigation into criminal charges.

As for the Ft. Lauderdale victim, police found him in the street and transported him with critical injuries to Broward General Medical Center.

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