Student On His Way To School Involved in Car Accident

In a wake up call for Florida drivers, a student on his way to class at Hallandale High School, located in a suburb of Broward County, was the victim of a serious car accident, when a van, driven by an unidentified female, struck him. According to police and witnesses, the student was within the school zone when the van struck him.

Witnesses characterized the impact as significant, as they said the van was driving in excess of the school zone’s speed limit of 15 m.p.h. , which is why the driver was arrested. Given the force of the impact and amount of blood loss suffered by the student, it is unfortunately likely he sustained a spinal cord or brain injury. The student was taken by emergency medical services to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

In our practice we have represented many families whose children were struck by vehicles speeding in and around schools, including the Bustillo family. We remind all drivers that our children are precious, and it is imperative that everyone obey school zone speed limits and pay particular attention while driving around schools.

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