Don’t Cause a Car Accident in Davie, Florida, It Will Cost You

In what we can only imagine is the beginning of an alarming trend, drivers who cause car accidents in the Town of Davie, Florida, a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, will be billed close to a $1,000.00 by the Town for expenses supposedly incurred in their handling of those car accidents. The expenses are associated with the alleged cost of police and emergency medical responders having to attend to the collision.

The proposal was opposed by the Town’s Mayor, who said such billing should only apply to crashes on major highways. However, the ordinance, in its current form, applies to all car accidents on all roads in and around Davie, which require the Town to provide such emergency assistance.

According to the Town, most car insurance companies have agreed to be responsible for such charges. Regardless, considering the amount of property taxes Florida Residents pay toward police and fire rescue services, forcing insurance companies to reimburse these publicly funded services certainly will only cause the insurance companies to increase local residents’ premiums. as they always pass along such charges.

Aside from the obvious insurance issues, we are concerned as to what type of due process allegedly negligent drivers have to challenge their fault, which is ultimately a concern for all of us.

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