South Florida Car Accident Deaths Declining

Finally in some good news for Broward County residents, police are reporting a seven percent decline in car and motorcycle deaths this year, compared to 2007. This makes the second consecutive year of such decline. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, car and motorcycle accident wrongful deaths are decreasing monthly.

Reports indicate the drop in such car accident related deaths is associated with the apparent decrease in vehicle traffic in South Florida. This trend mirrors national statistics in the reduction of vehicle traffic, possibly tied into the dramatic increase in the cost of gas, which also has drivers speeding less, in an apparent effort to save fuel.

Unfortunately, there still were 134 traffic deaths in Broward County this year, a figure that in our opinion remains too high. We only hope Florida driver, particularly those in Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding area, continue to take precautions such as slowing down, and wearing seat belts, to continue with this trend.

Broward traffic deaths in the same period of 2008

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